Software QA Testing

We provide comprehensive Software QA testing services to small to mid size businesses. Our services start with initial consultations to assess client requirements to coming up with test plans and then encoding those test plans as effective test cases that will be deployed on a continuous integration framework.

We use latest tools and technologies and align your business needs in a manner that would withstand tomorrow’s technology advances.


At Rhoynar, we make it a point to use the best automation technologies available to manage the complexities of building software. We work with individual team members to understand and assess the current software challenges faced by the organization and provide tailored solutions for our clients. Our Software QA automation solutions are based on the latest state of the art technologies that sets us apart from other providers.


We provide comprehensive QA assessment on the quality and coverage of client’s existing QA test cases and infrastructure. This includes analysis of current methods and practices used for QA vs what Rhoynar would bring in, cost benefit analysis of migrating to new QA architecture and timeframe analysis when continuous automation testing would be available. In most organizations, we are able to migrate all of their tests to Selenium WebDriver based test-cases and a SaaS based test automation within a matter of 3-4 months.


Websites play a key role in any company’s functions, and as such, must always be superior in quality and functionality. Rhoynar’s end-to-end web testing solutions discover your website’s vulnerabilities, functionality issues and performance issues across multiple platforms and browsers.

We provide a complete system breakdown, detailing your system’s structure and our plan for your website testing. We also have options to include on-going support from a senior test specialist to improve quality and incite continuous improvement.


Rhoynar’s goal is to detect bugs as early in the development process as possible by writing effective and superior unit tests, while simultaneously providing detailed documentation. This ensures that the bugs and inconsistencies that are detected early in the development stage can be re-factored by the development team. Why spend all that money on automation and be it only accessible to QA team? Rhoynar strives to leverage this Software QA automation framework to be used by developers for unit test cases as well.


We provide a thorough Functional test plans for existing software products and also organize it in an reusable fashion so that multiple applications can share the same technologies. We focus on data-driven testing so that minor user interface changes do not cause the tests to break.


Today’s business environment requires most websites to be mobile-friendly. To ensure your latest mobile solution will be successful and meet both your customers’ needs and your business requirements, mobile software quality assurance is critical. Mobile devices vary widely, but with proper testing every user’s experience can be successful.

Mobile applications present unique challenges in development, testing and deployment, requiring unique software QA (SQA) strategies.

Software QA - Mobile Testing Challenges

Mobile Testing Challenges