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We are a committed contributor to Open Source community.

As a Test Automation Framework development company, we have developed several tools and frameworks for testing that we have open-sourced.

Robot Framework Starter

Robot Framework allows you to develop Automated Software Testing Frameworks quickly by defining reusable steps in English. These steps are then implemented in Python programming language. An Test Automation Framework can be developed by reusing these steps as building blocks. Luckily, several such steps for different operations like Browser Automation, REST APIs, Mobile Phone Automation have already been implemented in handy libraries. Robot Framework provides the framework for making use of such libraries by using these Step Definitions. Get started with the below starter project for Robot Framework for Test Automation Framework development.

Python, Selenium, BDD Automation

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is a powerful paradigm in Test Automation Framework development. It allows collaboration between Product and Dev team so that Acceptance Tests can be agreed upon before beginning development. Similar to Robot Framework, BDD relies on Steps written in English and implementation of these steps in any Programming Language. But unlike Robot Framework, BDD follows a stricter syntax of Given, When, Then statements to organize Test Scenarios. Learn more about Best Practices for BDD and start with a Selenium based template to kickstart your Test Automation Framework. Learn how to integrate this framework into your Agile Sprint cycle for building a continuous testing environment.

Angular 5 Web App Starter

Angular5 provides easy-to-use framework for beginning your startup web application. The below starter kit contains integrated BootStrap CSS, Common pages for Login, Dashboard etc., Router, Http, Forms, Tests, Dev/Prod environments and Async/Lazy Routes. It fully incorporates John Papa Angular styling guide and provides the easiest way to kickstart your web application. Included with the below starter kit is a End-to-End Test Automation Framework scaffold, that can allow you to write Unit and Integration tests in JavaScript or TypeScript and run it through Karma and Jasmine frameworks.

3G/4G Modem Test Framework

Embedded Cellular devices are tricky to test out in various modem and cellular network combinations. If you are developing a Test Automation Framework for your embedded cellular device, you would have to ensure it works across different modem providers and Cellular networks. This handy test framework addresses this challenge and provides an easy to use Test Suite that would sanitize the modem for different network configurations. It tests home network scenarios as well as roaming scenarios. The framework is written in Python and uses MMCLI and NMCLI libraries to talk to the modem.

OpenStack like CI framework with Gerrit and Jenkins

Most folks use Git pull or merge requests to perform cross-branch merge requests for Git projects. But many organizations and teams also rely on Gerrit for code review – after Android projects made it popular. An Test Automation Framework would be incomplete if it is not integrated into a Continuous Integration (CI) process that allows for continuous Code Reviews. This open-source project provides an easy way to integrate Gerrit into your CI processes and incorporate Code Reviews as a formal requirement for each check-in. This framework also integrates Git, Gerrit, Zuul, JIRA and Jenkins into a single platform.

Automatic Page Objects Generation

AutoTestR is a NodeJS based framework that provides automatic test-stubs generation for Java and Selenium. Create Page Objects without having to write a single line of code. This framework is an extensible and easy to use command-line utility that can generate Page Objects for your application with a simple command. Stubs are generated most common get/set and UI element operations. If you are looking to build a Test Automation Framework, this utility can reduce the time needed to build most of the building blocks of the test framework.


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