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We are a Software Testing Company/Automation Testing Company located in Denver, CO. We provide Managed QA Services through our talented Automation Engineers who have more than 8+ Years of experience in the field.


We are a Software Testing Company in Denver, CO who will build your Test Automation Framework and manage it for you. We have flexible SLAs to suit all company needs. Your entire QA responsibilities will be owned by us.

What is Managed QA?

Automation Testing Companies take charge of all QA/Testing responsibilities for your project. We build comprehensive automation frameworks, CI frameworks and maintain them. We work with Dev Teams on-demand, when testing is needed. We ensure automation frameworks are always running and we have full coverage. We do QA team’s jobs in half the time, and this can be substantial cost savings for your project.

How does it work?

We bring in a full-time Senior QA Engineer with 5+ years of QA experience into your team. This would be an onsite, US based employee who would integrate into your team and be responsible for all QA Tasks. He/She will attend all Scrum meetings, be involved in Sprint/QA planning and execute all QA Roles – from Test planning and execution to Automation Framework development.

What is included?

Managed QA is like having a well experienced QA team handling all the test responsibilities for the project. We will collect requirements, come up with test plans and test cases, create automation test suites and integrate into a CI server.

In terms of resources: we all have a full-time, US based QA Engineer continuously work on the project, whereas take advantage of our in-house shared specialists for Software Architecture and DevOps.

How much will it cost?

For a single project with upto 3 developers, we recommend our base package which includes a single QA Engineers and shared resources from Project Manager and Software Architects.

For larger projects, we would need more than one QA Engineer plus additional shared resources from Project Manager, Software Architects and DevOps Engineers.

Because we are an experienced Software Testing Company, our tools and processes allow easy automation framework development thus keeping the costs down.

What to expect when you hire us?

We have extensive experience in QA Automation which allows us to be extremely efficient in coming up with comprehensive test plans and automation frameworks. We also automate most test scenarios – allowing us to efficiently identify bugs and issues early. As a experienced Software Testing Company, you will feel the quality difference within the first week of hiring us.

More Details

Read more details about this Managed QA Model on this Medium Article.

Managed QA Team and Automation Testing Services: QA Automation, Continuous Integration, Test Suites, Weekly Test Reports, Agile Team Integration

We started as a Automation Testing Company and have grown to supporting Dev roles now. Our solutions are robust, quick and maintainable – Below are few example case studies of our work.


Windows StoreApp Automation Framework

ASDI Inc., Longmont, CO. Rhoynar Case Study. Rhoynar is a Software Development Company, Mobile App Development Company.

Rhoynar team developed automation solution for Windows StoreApp using Appium and WinAppDriver. This solution allowed client to save countless manual hours for testing various functionalities of Windows Application. As an Automation Testing Company, we selected Python and BDD Testing Framework for this project and Deployed it using Jenkins Continuous Integration. More.


QA Automation for Medical Policy Management Software

MCN Healthcare, Denver, CO. Medical Policy Management Solutions.

MCN Healthcare provides medical policy management solutions to hospitals and medical institutions. With the help of Rhoynar team, MCN Healthcare enabled an end-to-end test automation and continuous integration system for their software platform. As a Software Testing Company with focus on Automation, we are proud of the BDD Testing Framework we developed at MCN and have presented this framework at various conferences. More.


Continuous Integration and Deployment Framework

MCN Healthcare, Denver, CO. Medical Policy Management Solutions.

MCN Healthcare provides Medical policy management solutions for medical institutions across the US. They were looking to quickly build their QA automation environment – and approached us as an Automation Testing Company. This case study discussed the CI/CD Framework developed for MCN Healthcare using Jenkins platform. The solution provided continuous integration, testing, deployment and reporting of Policy management software. More.


CMS web-app and corresponding automation framework

Vibrant Publishers, Denver, CO. , Rhoynar Case Study, Rhoynar is A Web and Mobile Software Development Company in Denver CO.

Vibrant Publishers provides test prep Software and books for various competitive tests like GRE, TOEFL, SAT and various Job Interview questions. Their CMS website was designed by Rhoynar team initially and we setup a test automation framework to streamline publication management. Vibrant was looking for a Software Testing Company with focus on Automation that could provide quick, cost-effective and maintenance-free solution and we delivered.  More.


Git, Gerrit, JIRA and Jenkins CI Framework (OpenStack)


EUPOCOPPS team was looking for a Automation Testing Company which could provide a CI framework similar to OpenStack. They wanted to integrate gerrit code reviews into their development process. Rhoynar team was engaged in a 4 week project with EUPOCOPPS whereby we implemented zuul based framework for integrating Git, Gerrit, Jenkins and JIRA into single framework. More.

Automation Resources: BDD Testing Frameworks

Below are some of our recent articles and blog posts on building Test Frameworks. As a Automation Testing Company, we are an active contributor to discussions surrounding BDD Testing Frameworks.

BDD and Selenium

Develop Automation Framework from scratch using Python, BDD (Behave) and Selenium

This article provides an overview of how to build an automation framework from scratch. It follows one of our recent projects – and talks about how to identify requirements and test scenarios, how to capture those test scenarios in BDD and how to implement scenarios in Python. As an Automation Testing Company – we use this framework as a starter for many of our web Automation projects. More.

Managed QA

Managed QA: How to de-risk your Software project and reduce QA Costs

As a Software Testing Company, we manage your QA process and infrastructure. We develop QA Test Plans, Test Cases and Automate those test cases. We work in Agile team – along with your development teams. Managed QA is cheap, on-demand and effective. It provides independent Software Testing to ensure your project quality. Read more on Medium.

Angular, NGINX

Serving an Angular App from an Embedded Device (through NGINX)

This article provides details on how to run an Angular or React web-app from behind a NGINX server. This is useful in many scenarios – but this article highlights on running it as a web-app on a Linux Embedded device. Read more on Medium.


How to display build artifacts on Jenkins

Jenkins is a very useful tool for Continuous Integration. It provides complete logs and test reports for all of the jobs it runs. However, if you have custom logs that you need for each job run, you would need to follow this article to get them enabled. Read more on Medium.


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