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QA Automation Test Frameworks with Python, BDD and Selenium. Angular/ReactJS Development. Jenkins based Continuous Integration platforms. These are some of our specialities.


Web Application Running on an Embedded Device

Panalytical Inc, Rhoynar Case Study, Rhoynar is A Web and Mobile Software Development Company in Denver CO

Rhoynar Team worked on this project to develop a web-application and corresponding QA Automation Test Framework for an embedded sensors device. The web-app ran on a Linux Instrument and supported configuration and calibration for the instrument. It was developed using Angular5, HTML5 and BootStrap4; and corresponding QA Automation Test Framework was developed using Python, Selenium and BDD. The app is now in use by various internal teams within the company. More.


QA Automation Test Framework for Medical Policy Management

MCN Healthcare, Denver, CO. Medical Policy Management Solutions.

MCN Healthcare provides medical policy management to various hospitals and medical institutions. MCN hired Rhoynar team to develop an automation framework for Policy Manager. As part of this effort, we implemented an end-to-end Test Automation and a Continuous Integration Framework. As a result, MCN team was able to save countless hours of manual testing prior to each Software Release. More.


Secure Cloud Sharing Framework

ZFyre Inc, Longmont, CO. , Rhoynar Case Study, Software Development Company, Mobile App Development Company

ZFyre is a Longmont based startup providing enterprise cloud data storage solutions. Rhoynar team designed, developed and published their secure MVP app. This app included data compression using ZStd, custom security encryptions and RackSpace API integrations. This web application was developed in Angular and BootStrap on Front End. Backend was developed using NodeJS and MongoDB. More.


Student Finance Training App

MVPFinance Inc, Boulder, CO., Rhoynar Case Study. Rhoynar is a Software Development Company, Mobile App Development Company, Denver, CO

MVP Finance is a Longmont based startup providing educational software in Finance field to different colleges. Rhoynar team developed the entire mobile application prototype for Finance training. This project was developed with React Native Framework initially for Android platform and then extended to support iOS platform as well. More.


Continuous Integration and Deployment Framework

MCN Healthcare, Denver, CO. Medical Policy Management Solutions.

MCN Healthcare provides Medical policy management solutions for medical institutions across the US. This case study discusses the CI/CD Framework developed for MCN Healthcare. The platform was built using Jenkins with a network of Vagrant virtual boxes. The end-product provided continuous integration, testing, deployment and reporting of test results for each job run. More.


Windows StoreApp Automation Framework

ASDI Inc., Longmont, CO. Rhoynar Case Study. Rhoynar is a Software Development Company, Mobile App Development Company.

Client team needed an Automation Solution for their Windows Application. They teamed up with Rhoynar to develop an Appium based solution with WinAppDriver. On the test-development side, we used Python and Behave packages. We developed higher-order test cases to allow for code reuse. The solution allowed client to save countless manual hours for testing various scenarios of the app. More.


Web-app development and Automation Test Framework

Vibrant Publishers, Denver, CO. , Rhoynar Case Study, Rhoynar is A Web and Mobile Software Development Company in Denver CO.

Vibrant Publishers provides test prep Software and books for various competitive tests. These books are used by students across the world for test preparations for GRE, TOEFL and SAT examinations. Vibrant also publishes various job interview question books. Rhoynar team designed their CMS website. Our team also developed an automation framework for Vibrant allowing to streamline publication management. More.


CI Framework with Gerrit and JIRA support


EUPOCOPPS team was looking for a solution similar to OpenStack’s git/gerrit framework to be integrated into their development processes. Rhoynar time developed a CI Framework for EUPOCOPPS in 4 week time. After this project conclusion, EUPOCOPPS had a strong Agile Development framework with integrated code reviews from Gerrit and tied into JIRA and Jenkins. Learn more about if this project might be useful to your scenario. More.


We believe a strong open-source community moves technology forward. Below are few of our recent projects in QA Automation Test Framework that we have open-sourced.

Robot Framework Starter

Robot Framework allows you to define reusable steps in English for your automation framework. With powerful third-party library support, Robot Framework supports Selenium, Appium, REST APIs for testing. Below is a starter project you can use to get started on Robot Framework.

Python, Selenium, BDD Automation

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is a powerful paradigm for Test Automation. It allows collaboration between Product team, Development team and QA team. Acceptance Tests can be written in English and implemented in any programming language. Below is a starter framework for BDD written in Python. Integrate BDD into your Agile cycle by using the starter kit below.

Angular 5 Web App Starter

Angular5 provides a TypeScript framework for quick development of web-applications. Use the below starter kit which integrates BootStrap CSS and Common pages for Login, Dashboard etc. It also integrates common Angular design patterns for Router, Http, Forms, Tests and Dev/Prod Environments. Kickstart your app today with the starter template below.

3G/4G Modem Test Framework

There are various types of Cellular Modems and hundreds of networks that they operate upon. Working on an embedded device with cellular connectivity can be challenging – especially, if you want to make sure your device works with all different networks. The below test framework would allow you to quickly validate your modem against a plethora of cellular network configurations for different connectivity scenarios.

OpenStack CI framework with Gerrit and Jenkins

For those of us using Gerrit for code review, there aren’t too many frameworks that provide a full end-to-end continuous integration support. Below CI framework is written for such scenarios and based off of OpenStack’s CI architecture. It integrates Zuul, Git, Gerrit, Jenkins and JIRA into one framework. Integrate Gerrit code reviews into your development process by using the CI framework below.

Automatic Page Objects Generation

Page Objects are a common design pattern used by Automation Engineers to model the behavior of the page. What if there was a way to automatically generate Page Objects for a page – without writing a single line of code? AutoTestR provides a quick and easy way to generate a page object from any given page. This is a handy command line utility supports Java and Selenium based Page Objects currently.


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