Rhoynar Software has extensive research in graph theory and neural networks. We have applied the research in these theories to do web-automation and mobile testing. We can thus come up with the most effective and robust test suite for testing your web or mobile application. And because the test harness is generated by our network algorithms, they are guaranteed to provide the test coverage your application needs.

Automatic Test Generation

Rhoynar’s proprietary solution AutoTestR ® provides complete solution for generating and managing Selenium WebDriver test cases. Selenium WebDriver suite lacks framework to model new test cases based on a given web-application. The Page-Object-Model design pattern only solves reuse of code and maintainability aspect of selenium test cases. AutoTestR ® builds on page-object-model and adds support for auto generating the test cases for the end-user. AutoTestR ® models the website as a network graph made up of nodes that represent the web-pages and paths that represent the flow from one web-page to another. AutoTestR ® uses proprietary algorithm based off of Ford-Fulkerson flow networks in order to generate effective test cases. AutoTestR ® also considers a many heuristic patterns, user-inputs, user-behavior etc to machine learn what would be the most effective test cases for the web-application. Give us a call and we would be happy to demo AutoTestR ® and how it can streamline the QA process in your organization.

MigrateR – QTP to Selenium Migration

Want to move to the latest, open-source testing technology? Want to avoid thousands of dollars of licensing fees and do effective testing? Selenium browser automation is the answer. Selenium can provide upto 80% reductions in execution time, organize test cases into Page Object Model allowing for easy maintenance with changing UIs. Still not sure whether this is worth the investment? Check out the webinar to the right by SauceLabs which will subdue any qualms.

RSCI (Rhoynar SoC Interface) for IOT Testing

IOTTestR is Internet of Things (IOT) test framework from Rhoynar. We are one of the pioneers in IOT test tools and framework development. RIOT is a comprehensive test tool which helps to minimize the testing phase of an IOT product cycle while helping customers to bring their product rapidly to market. It use Rhoynar’s AutoTestR product to autogenerate behavior based test cases. Its easy to use xML based behavior definition means you can have all your functional test cases ready in the matter of a few hours. Once test case are auto-generated, you can integrate it with the product code base or use inbuilt RPC mechanisms to run it from the host machine. UART and USB based host to target communication mechanism are provided in the framework.

Read More about Rhoynar’s IOT Test Solutions.

MailR® – Email Automation

The number one employee complaint in many organizations is the time it takes to go through emails and respond to emails. Let’s face it, you have seen this issue in your organization too. There are far too many emails and very little time to respond to everything. Moreover, we are always afraid that we will miss some important mails because the email traffic. Rhoynar’s custom email automation solution:MailR ® would allow to automate many of the email operations which are repetitive in nature. This is a Jenkins CI based solution that monitors your emails or your group’s emails and pre-processes emails prior to it reaching your inbox. Processing rules could include anything from parsing logs to sending auto-response to auto-classifying and auto-assigning issues. Check out the slides to see for yourself if MailR ® is right for you.